Eurotrans is a transportation and freight forwarding company founded on December 10, 2002.
During this time the company has proved itself as a reliable partner and guarantee of maximum quality and reliability of services in logistics, transportation and freight forwarding.

Eutotrans provides services in domestic and international freight transportation and ensures delivery of cargo at exactly specified time and place. Our transportation and freight forwarding department has solid experience of work both on European and Ukrainian markets.

Our transport asset consists of 30 tented trucks of different capasity – 20 cars for cargo up to 120m3 до 120м3 and 10 cars for cargo from 86m3 to 100m3.

Private Enterprise "EUROTRANS" is a member of the Ukrainian International Transportation Companies Association (AsMAP) since April 10, 2003 (certificate № 70288).

    Our services in transportation field include:

  • International transportation with TIR Carnet document
  • CEMT book (allows transportation on internal European market)
  • CMR insurance (cargo insurance)
  • Dangerous cargo transportation (ADR), all classes except the 1st
  • GPS monitoring

    Our company also offers:

  • Car service for trucks (TIR) and passenger cars
  • Car wash for trucks (TIR) and passenger cars
  • Tire service for trucks (TIR) and passenger cars
  • Insurance (Ukraine, abroad)
  • Freight forwarding
  • Warehousing
  • Rental of cargo vehicles with or without a crew