Eutotrans provides services in domestic and international freight transportation and ensures delivery of cargo at exactly specified time and place. Our transportation and freight forwarding department has solid experience of work both on European and Ukrainian markets.

  • International transportation with TIR Carnet document
  • CEMT book (allows transportation on internal European market)
  • CMR insurance (cargo insurance)
  • Dangerous cargo transportation (ADR), all classes except the 1st
  • GPS monitoring
  • Insurance (Ukraine, abroad):

    — Cargo

    — Individual

    — Vehicles

  • Transportation and freight forwarding services:

    — Europe

    — Ukraine

    — CIS

  • Warehousing:

    — Rent of storage spaces (from 40m2 up to 900m2) and land plots

    — Forklift service

    — Loaders

On the territory of our company is situated one of the biggest in the western region TIR service stations that offers repair and maintenance services for trucks and passenger cars:

  • Engine
  • Electricity
  • Pneumatics
  • Chassis
  • Fuel
  • Body works (anti-corrosion coating, varnish and paint coatings)
  • Regeneration of spare parts
  • Welding and lathe works
  • Rental of repair boxes with observation wells
  • Car wash using high quality DIMER products:

    — trucks (TIR)

    — passenger cars

  • Tire service:

    — trucks (TIR)

    — passenger cars